Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Take Your Cabal and Go Home

In / Verse

I don’t know how you come here
thwarting the norm
next to the hive
avoiding the swarm.

Whatever your reasons
you thought were your own
you can take your cabal
now all the way home.


  1. Thanks to Harlequin for the inspiration and reflections on organizational culture.

    Retrenchment comes in many forms -- in verse, inverse, in psychodynamic projections, in protectionist mediocrity in fortified castles . . .

  2. It is a blow for freedom this driving the cabal away.

  3. this is a nice twisty one...but the subtitle was a bit of a clue...
    how is it that these reversals seem to work for (only ) one side of the coin? or maybe that is what comes with being a bad penny...

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  5. Anon...a reversal by it's very nature affects every side of the coin, that which was up becomes down and vice-versa. The cabal, that group of thoughts and and actions that devolves into a self serving entity within if reversed...perceived in the inverse is a blow for freedom.

  6. No cabal for you, Iscariot. It will only lead you astray.