Sunday, April 12, 2009

K/Nowhere an Exile Returns for Not

Now deep in the abyss of uncertainty,

      I let go of the frenetic world that seduces

           from a healthy distance

      while dysappearing presence cripples

           the open embrace of embodied chaos.

There is no certain place to turn here,

      no objective lie that rises

           above the fray,

      no ebbing body ably hiding

           unforsaking absence.

Between here and now

      I feel the not that composes

          within ailing silence

           a new refrain of freedom:

                                    I am a critical body.

                                    Now here, I live on.


  1. powerful and beautiful... on first reading and on
    andon...thanks for sharing this...

  2. An on andon back to you, Harlequin. I look forward to your next blogged k/not composed.