Friday, April 17, 2009

Any Other Way

I never knew any other way to be who I am
without your constant watchful eye
     clinging and clamoring for more
           of me than I could give
                to fill that special place
                that you must build
                     for those you devour.


  1. Are you saying that the jailer became lost when the jailed escaped? I found the first verse to be very, very strong. So much so that it could stand alone complete in itself...but alas Anon, you will have to tell me of your intent in the second verse.

  2. Yes, I agree on the first section and thought about leaving it as complete in itself. Looking at the connection with the second section again this morning, I’m not yet happy with the relation between the two. I’m going to do some more work on the second and see where it leads. Perhaps it is a separate project.

  3. juxtaposes are so often deep calls from places I have to visit again and again ...
    loved the questing in this and look forward to where you will go with it

  4. Placeholder for the juxta(de)posed second section quest. It will (re)turn in one form or another:

    I said goodbye when I discovered who I am
    and later heard your not good assertion
          at the final demise of the body
               that allowed grasping for more
                    pieces than you could hold
                    of those you loved
                         and swallowed whole.