Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Nothing to See Here Homily

Lamentation can give ear to deafening silence,
      and voice to the particularly gritty experience of pain,


           openness to stressed embodiment
           through shared human solidarity

                forge a way for you and me,
                     intertwining together.

Or not.


  1. ...and the greatest choice one makes in decrying the (lamentable thing) is whether to be one with the mob or a mob of one.

  2. Thanks for stopping by, WM. I think there is also the ongoing choice of being a mob of none which can reveal the presents of the past.

    I keep working on this. The past can be such a tricky mistress.

  3. ...and is this not where the gut decisions get made...at that moment when you and I can see each other ... see the best and the worst ...and choose to be human(e)
    the gritty moments that teach me who I am ...or am not...
    thanks for this

  4. Gritty moments can teach when the learners can learn.