Monday, March 30, 2009

Theory of Communication

"Stay where you're to, til I comes where you’re at."

(from a traditional Newfoundland expression and folk song)


  1. ah now come on... it's not a folksong... you go too far!!! I got a Newfoundland expression for ya... you can go and pack rocks up your...


    how's that for communication...

  2. Hmmm, I'll have to go back and double-check my source on the folk song now. In the mean time, rock on. ;)

  3. Yep, looks like I've said too much and gone too far!!! In the vein of what-makes-a-thing-what-it- is, what would you call this kind of song ( sure?

  4. I am not sure about the direction these rocks are going.... the simplicity of how this phrase does capture a lot of what communication theories also try to convey

    and, Ok, perhaps it does not fit the eidetics of folk song...

  5. What then, a Maritime rock song? ;}

  6. oh it just gets worse... now he's sending me to the carlton showband...