Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Dandelion Ride: Jump in and Hang On

“Where do we get” (if meaning is not univocal)?

* The threshold of experience as lived

* The soup kitchen of the unconscious

* To a house that polyvalence built
     (a tricky mistress with overlapping suitors)

* Murky rapids across homeworlds of understanding

* An existential train station where “we” is not the chosen vehicle but a question of destination

* The way of the dandelion

* A choice of context

* Back to the fork in the road: What makes a thing what it is?


  1. this is a great piece of writing... I like the playfulness but also the serious tone... and the hint of slant rhyme

    what makes a thing what it is?

    I guess for some it's what it is not, that context in which it is thrown. But that doesn't seem right to me somehow. Why are "we" defined as separate from what is other?

    what makes a thing what it is?

    what is the criteria for giving a thing a name and a classification? Are we sure we're talking about the same thing?

    what makes a thing what it is?

    its particularity...

  2. "Are we sure we're talking about the same thing?" That's the ongoing puzzle of human interaction, isn't it? I think speakers usually are sure they are talking about the same thing, but often are wrong.

    I appreciate your comment on the quality of the writing here. I'm at a jump in and hang on stage in my own learning right now. Finding and trusting the Muse has been a long journey. (I wonder what makes that what it is.)

  3. I like how all the s's sound in this post... it kind of adds to the journey

    and I guess what makes a thing what it is .... hmmm, the messy perceptual/intentional/motile intersectedness of thingworldfleshbody....I don't know how we get to " things themselves " without body,space,time,relation and ways to express them...

    I am proud to be walking the way of the dandelion

  4. Certain words or phrases hook themselves in my thoughts, and dance around in my head for hours, days, weeks thereafter...such will be the fate of you "the way of the dandelion."

    I came here via Harlequin's blog and your post in her comments section. I hope you don't mind.


  5. Thanks for stopping by, Martha. I look forward to seeing what emerges from your dandelion dance reflections.