Monday, March 23, 2009

Wry Bred and Water (A Love Song)

I learned to be wry to survive as a child bit player
     in my family theater
     while you were bred on the rock
          of North Atlantic grit.

When we found each other’s hand
     on the coastline of alterity,
I discovered that we wry and bred
     could sustain each other
          in our journey home together.


  1. this was a lovely and intricate post... a blending of wry bred that must be quite the sandwich!

    welcome to this blogging adventure...
    I hope it provides an opportunity to breathe and write and express across many dimensions

  2. Yes, this was inspired by a special wry bred blend indeed! But I think of the blending more as a quirky calzone than a sandwich.

    Thanks for the comments and the blog invitation, Harlequin. I look forward to the possibilities of reading, w/riting, and rhythmic tics along this slippery path.