Friday, October 9, 2009

An-other Minimalist

When who others whom,
who benefits.


  1. Inspired by Jon on the cultural place of an-other.

  2. Cheshire Cat

    I can tell your post means something, but I haven't a clue what. Feel free to tell me here, or via my Email posted on my blog.

    I look forward to experiencing more confusion: something of a native land to me.
    Thank you.

  3. Welcome, Andy. Thanks for dropping by. I've been somewhat cryptic lately, so you can feel right at home in your native land.:/

    The "who" here is more like the cat (the who) that ate the canary (the whom). But the Cheshire Cat works too - in a kind of predatory, inter-species sort of way.

  4. "who benefits " .... if I added a question mark (?) then I can do a little turnabout... but who as the subject of this dance benefits more when such questions are not even considered...
    thanks for the cryptic and quirky.... makes ya thaaank!

  5. Hi,

    I truly enjoy your dense and elegant verse. Found your blog via Andy's Brand of Make Believe.

    Who benefits? I cannot really say, as I lack any sense of pragmatism.

    I like people with wry sensibilities and quirky senses of humor. A lot.

  6. Welcome, Jenny. Thanks for dropping by with your kind introduction.

    FWIW, you might discover a sense of pragmatism quickly if you found yourself on the other side of the who.