Saturday, October 24, 2009

Legitimation Crisis

Perhaps the abject other
deserves to be feared
and loathed.

After all,
if it weren't so damn strange,
we would have embraced it
as one of our own.


  1. I like how you have created a "we" & an " our" and an " it".... but, I suppose, once there is a we and an us, whatever isn't is an it. Hmmm.
    I like how you are working with these reality constructions.... it is so effective... the precision is as deadly as it is subtle.

  2. Thanks for the reflections, HQ. Your r/apt descriptor, "reality constructions" tempts me to put on the hard hat and get back to work!

    I think "we" can co-exist honorably with others as long as our familiar warm and fuzzy group doesn't fall into the "us-them/it" ditch. It's an easy slide, don't you think?