Monday, October 26, 2009

Disavowal: To Whom it May Concern

In the adventures of who
on the back streets of now
lies an other you know
a reverse sacred cow.

Strange looking thing,
too twisted to tell
whose reflections it hides
in that mirror from hell.
God knows why it chose here
to get under my skin.
Now some other saint
can take this shrill in.

I never signed on
to bear this great weight.
Dislodge the anchor.
Let's set this ship straight.

With a kingdom to build,
my best years ahead,
can’t give up my dreams,
to love you instead.


  1. Take care of your own damn self.


    (Edi P. Wrex)

  2. this is so well done....
    and the rancor is totally understandable...
    I like how you convey the weight of those who are left to fend for themselves and all the right reasons why that can happen. good capture!

  3. Thanks, HQ. I sat with most of these lines for a few weeks, changing, tweeking, pondering, and holding back posting the ironic weight of Oedipus Wrecks with the Dr. Seuss-like rhyme. I was thinking, in part, of the other (mirror from hell) side of some of the autism stories you have blogged and some gut-wrenching scenarios I have witnessed myself.