Saturday, July 11, 2009

Through Still Life Shadows

There’s nothing here
so I move on
to something else
outside my grasp

where nothing matters
through closed expectations
and sedimentations
already there.

Strange body I live
mediating reflections
of still life shadows
in the open field of perception.


  1. Second in the "nothing" matters series

  2. Tom Robbins has a book called STILL LIFE WITH WOODPECKERS... has a quote from Erica Jong as an epigraph:

    There are no still lives

  3. Perhaps nothing matters for Jong too, Jon.
    Thanks for the reference.

    How is still life with the peckers treating you these days?

  4. I never mediate shit...I do sometimes reflect on things but I never expect nothing.

  5. your "strange body " seems to be quite perceptive, and how you are dwelling in all these fields and dimensions feels so open and courageous to me.... this piece feels haunting and misty ... a soft and smokey look at something just out of plain sight...
    nice work.