Sunday, July 12, 2009

Fellow Traveler

I have watched you
with flaming fury
for long enough to ponder
how the knight leaves
the chessboard well
and gently turns
to the dragonfly
at dawn.

(... and in that gilded backlight,
new life begins.)


  1. Beginnings can be so tough... in my own context, I am just now attempting to do something that feels like an ending so that the beginning can look like a beginning and it is quite the task!! Is it authentic if it feels like it to me ?? this is my quest(ion) right now...
    nice word play with the knight...

  2. Please define for me the imagery you are thinking of when you use the Dragonfly? I have my own conclusion but I would like to hear yours.

  3. WM, poetic writing is a way I find to let words and images envelop me as a fellow traveler. On good days together, the dragonfly twitters and we create resonance, nuance, explore traces of absence, and productive ambiguity.

    "Defining" imagery is a whole other enterprise.

  4. Good answer. so the dragonfly is you imagery of the process?

  5. The answer to your question depends on how you see the dragonfly.

    You're welcome. Now your turn. How does the dragonfly twitter for you here?