Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Binaries in the Mine

Binaries in the mine
fly through toxic air
for dwellers unaware.

Or not.


  1. this poem brought up memories for me of a song from home... so some lyrics and then a link:


    PROCESS MAN -- Great Big Sea

    And its go boys go
    They'll time your every breath
    And every day you're in this place your two days nearer death
    But you go ...

    Well, a process man am I and I am tellin' you no lie
    I work and breathe among the fumes that tread across the sky
    There's thunder all around me and there's poison in the air
    There's a lousy smell that smacks of hell and dust all in me hair


    and the link to a video of this song:



  2. Thanks for the GBS link, Jon.

    I'm going to have to work on me lyrics a bit more now before I go off posting any links to me singin.

  3. I like how the post and comment are so connected;a shared lyricism grounded in grit, sweat and tears.Also like the give and take in the commenting...